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Obesity is a prominent feature of the modern affluent world. The condition strongly correlates with a predisposition to degenerative diseases (cardio-vascular, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and many more). It could be a consequence of over-eating and/or too little physical activity.
However, it would be easy to reverse the obesity epidemic, if the reasons for it were straightforward and simple. Unfortunately they are not.

Unhealthy weight is a sign of a distorted metabolic balance – the state of the body, which could be and should be corrected to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Advanced scientific research is increasingly recognising the nutritional value of foods, which goes beyond the caloric quantity and quality.

We believe that there are 3 key barriers to weight loss: hormonal imbalance, food allergies / sensitivities, and neurotransmitter imbalance. Through a thorough assessment- which can include the use of appropriate tests, observations such as your medical history, anthropomorphic measurements, physical signs and nutritional/lifestyle analysis- I may help you to address those 3 key barriers and show the way to achieving a desirable weight. Everybody’s weight management plan is strictly tailored for the individual biochemical needs of a certain client. This is how Nutritional Therapy would distinguish itself from other dietary plans and tactics.

Hormonal and neurotransmitter’ imbalance may very often be a result of stress.

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