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There are very few people around who may state they are stress-free. Health and Safety Executive report (2010) identified 1500 per 100 000 people in UK have suffered from work-related stress. However, nobody has compiled statistics regarding the stress people are under in the homes and their relationships. Also, the hectic modern life is a significant stress creator.
According to scientific data, stress is one of the major factors that can lead to degenerative disease progression. Continuous stress response to one’s everyday life challenges may results in onset of inflammatory conditions. Research shows that on-going inflammation in the body could lead to Type 2 diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and cancer. Many people may be aware that stress can be a cause of weight gain, but few know about its distractive effect on memory and brain function by accelerating aging of cells, as new research shows.

How can Nutritional Therapy manage stress?
As a Nutritional therapist I will help you to achieve and support the normal optimal state of your hormonal balance – the base of emotional and psychological wellbeing.
The balance of blood sugar levels is the most important aspect in nutritional protocol for stress elimination and management. One can only make this balance possible by consuming the right food. Eating for both, health and pleasure is not achievable for most people nowadays, especially when marketing messages from food manufactures are confusing. At my Institution I have been intensely trained to guide and support you through the challenging experiences of adapting to good food choices, which can be both healing and delicious.

Sometimes it is not achievable to correct a shortage of certain nutrients by the diet alone and professional advice on supplementation is necessary. Please feel free to contact us for no obligations 5 min chat (Mon.-Fri, 10am-7pm) regarding a supplement advice or visit our Terra’s Essentials Store  to find our whole food professionally chosen supplements, and other stress- relieving aids such us aromatherapy oils.

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