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Having practical experience as a beauty therapist, I came to the conclusion that topical applications are not a solution for clear skin or to lessen wrinkles; at least not for everyone. Moreover, when your body’s systems are attuned and work in harmony, your skin may just rely on simple hygienic care in order to look fantastic!
The skin is our biggest organ. As a mirror, it reflects the state of our inner physical condition. An experienced Nutritional Therapist may recognize the status of your internal health simply by looking at your skin.
Furthermore, the skin is the first line of your defence against pathological organisms and keeping it healthy should be of a prime importance for everyone.
Nutritional Therapy values digestive health as a basis for skin health. Well- balanced digestion means well -balanced hormones too.
Let’s take acne occurrence as an example. We know that acne can have a bacterial and /or hormonal imbalance origins. It is also could be a consequence of dysbiosis, poor liver detoxification or inadequate fat metabolism. My role as a Nutritional Therapist will be to indicate the reason for acne onset. Therefore I will start with observing and addressing flaws of your digestive system, which in turn may correct your hormonal health, making your skin look healthier. Through the specially designed diet plan, lifestyle alterations and supplements when needed, Nutritional Therapy may help with many other skin conditions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your free, no obligations chat (Mon. -Fri, 10am-7pm) to know how Nutritional Therapy can help with your skin condition.

Anti-ageing management.

As a Nutritional Therapist I understand the anti-ageing process as a continuous maintenance of the metabolism of your body’s cells. The work of many scientists has evidently documented that the kind of food you eat may directly affect the ability of your body to eliminate chemical toxins and by-products of your own body, which destroy the cells from inside. Nutritional factors (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals) influence the effectiveness of this important job. Many of the foreign agents (pharmaceuticals, food additives, environmental chemicals) entering your body, must undergo treatment by specific enzymes within your body to make the clearance of these agents possible. As a Nutritional Therapist trained in biochemistry of these enzymes, I can provide you with personalised recommendations that may optimise the function of these enzymes, therefore support your physical and mental wellbeing and contribute to slowing down your aging process.
Healthy heart, blood vessels, liver, joints, brain and the entire body’s organs may make your life pain free and your aging delayed.

Sometimes supplementation is necessary, please feel free to contact us for no obligations 5 min chat (Mon.-Fri, 10am -7pm) for an advice on supplements.

We are serious about promoting organically produced skin care and toiletries, you can read our notes about why this is of a vast importance, while visiting our Terra’s Essentials Store for the best  skin care products on the market and for the carefully chosen whole food supplements that can provide support for your body, boosting its anti-ageing abilities.

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