About your Nutritional Therapist

Irina Omelkova, Fd/Sc, Dip ION.

I qualified from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition after a period of four years training. I am working on a MSc degree at the University of Westminster, studying Functional Medicine…

However and first of all 

I am a mum and a grandmother of two beautiful children.
As one of many women who have reached a certain age, I became determined to find an answer to stay as young and as healthy as possible. Furthermore, I wanted to support my daughter in nurturing her children to the best of their health and Nutritional Therapy helped me to find the answer.

However, my path to Nutritional Therapy far from straightforward. I wanted to discover a “quick fix”, to get an immediate results (and who could blame me?). I qualified as a beautician and an aromatherapist, but this created more questions than answers.
Blending in with holistically orientated people resulted in deep awareness of the eternal relationship of body and mind, and this created questions, which I would never be able to answer without a higher level of knowledge.
Thus I completed Nutritional Therapy course with Bedfordshire University in 2011 (Dip.ION).
As a student practitioner I successfully handled a number of cases in weight and stress management and decided to specialise in these subjects. Additionally, since beauty and aromatherapy are still a passion of mine, the knowledge of food and human physiology gives me the unique opportunity to assist my clients in applying nutrition into anti-aging and skin-care regime