Irina Omelkova, Nutritional Consultant, Fd/Sc, Dip.ION.

This website is designed to publicise science – based evidence and propagate the lifestyle and patient-centred nutritional approach for gaining, retrieval and maintaining your health for longer.
Health is the most desirable treasure, given to most of us at birth. Very often we take it for granted, thinking not too much about it whilst young. Many of us believe that failing health is a normal process of aging, but this is not necessarily so, as many people live to a great age whilst still enjoying good health.

What is Health?
Health could be defined as a Life Free of Pain (physical or mental).
What can help you enjoy this Life Free of Pain?

Our strong belief is: all of your body’s systems facilitate Metabolic Balance.
By assessing you as “the whole person”, Nutritional Therapy does not ask “what illness are you suffering from?”. Instead it will:

  • recognise what sort of individual you are;
  • identify the distinctive set of biochemical imbalances in your body;
  • apply therapies like diet, food supplements and exercise, based on most up-to-date
    scientific research;
  • coach you through the length of your Health Improving Plan with care and compassion.

Welcome to MetaBalancejourney into your Health.

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